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Updated: Jun 3, 2023

One thing is certain: we all start as beginners. Learning any skill requires consistency and patience, and dancing is no different.

At Montuno Dance Company, we encourage students to push their boundaries and embrace challenges. We strive to create an environment where individuals feel comfortable stepping outside of their comfort zones and exploring their potential.

We take great pride in being the only Latin Dance Company in Calgary offering Beginner to Advanced dance lessons, catering to individuals at every level. This unique offering allows our students to establish a lasting connection with us, starting from their early stages of learning and progressing to becoming experienced dancers, confident performers, or even successful competitors.

One frequently asked question from our students is regarding how to determine their skill level. To address this, we have put together a self-assessment test that enables students to gauge their readiness for a more advanced class.

Engaging in a self-assessment test before moving to an intermediate or advanced class is important for various reasons:

  • It allows you to evaluate your skills objectively

  • Determine your readiness for progression

  • Ensure safety and injury prevention

  • Build confidence

  • Create an optimal learning experience


  • I've have attended 1 or 2 Salsa or Bachata classes in the past

  • I can't find the timing in the music

  • I can find timing but can't keep the tempo

  • I've been in 1 to 3 Dance Socials


  • I understand basic step. However, don't feel 100% comfortable while executing patterns or shines

  • I feel comfortable executing right/left turns by myself and with a partner

  • I understand timing but I often struggle keeping it while social dancing

  • I can lead/follow cross body leads, right/left turns and inside/outside turns and variations.

  • I've have attended several social dance events and workshops


  • I have a solid basic foundation and understand timing

  • I feel comfortable doing shines that involves body isolations and intricate footwork

  • I'm able to dance the different Bachata styles

  • I can consistently execute multiple spins by myself or with a partner

  • I can lead/follow body isolations

  • I can change from Salsa to Son, Rumba, Pachanga or Afro with the music

  • I understand music structure and identify its instruments

  • I have years of social dancing, congresses and workshops experience

Keep in mind that other instructors may differ with us, this is how we rate the level of our classes based on our experience and previous training.

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