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2023 Calgary International Salsa Congress

Dancing salsa

What a fabulous weekend for Montuno Dance Company! ✨ each year truly keeps getting better, and we cannot wait to come back bigger and stronger to the next Calgary International Salsa Congress.

This time, we:

- Brought our very first performance team and shined bright on that stage with a very unique choreo and vibe.

- Did our very first Pro-Am Shines competition and placed 2nd 🥈✨🏆

- Taught a fun and spicy Mambo Fusion Shines workshop 🔥 big thanks to everyone who joined us!

- Brought some of our amazing students to compete in heats and took home some major wins!

🥈Pro-Am Team Salsa Shines Showcase

🥇Pro-Am Men’s Just Salsa Beginner

🥈Pro-Am Men’s Just Bachata Beginner

🥇Pro-Am Ladies Just Bachata


🥈Pro-Am Ladies Just Bachata


🥇Pro-Am Ladies Just Bachata


🥇Pro-Am Ladies Just Salsa Beginner

🥇Pro-Am Ladies Just Salsa Pre-Intermediate

🥇Pro-Am Ladies Just Salsa Intermediate

🥈Amateur Just Bachata Pre-Intermediate

🥈Amateur Just Bachata Intermediate

🥇Amateur Just Salsa Pre-Intermediate

🥇Amateur Just Salsa Intermediate

- Lianabel won the Jack & Jill competition with the incredibly talented Jaime Vega 🔥

A million thanks to Eric Caty and Kelly Lannan and everyone involved in organizing the Calgary International Salsa Congress. The event was fantastic once again, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to teach, compete and showcase our team’s hard work.

And last, but certainly not least, thanks to our amazing Montuno family! We did some more amazing things this year, and we appreciate your commitment, talent and great energy ♥️ thanks for believing in us! Shout out to Irina Pringle for the fabulous costume design execution with Lena Cicati!

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