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Born in Colombia and based in Calgary, Alberta, Angela is passionate about movement. She discovered a vibrant journey as a pro tennis player in her teens. Since then, she has dedicated her life to prioritizing an active lifestyle, including yoga, fitness, multiple outdoor activities, and dancing.
"Movement is life, movement is medicine"
In her dance journey, Angela has been coached by local and international pro-dancers in numerous events and salsa and bachata congresses in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg,  Las Vegas, Seattle and Houston. She participated in intensive training with the goddess pro-dancer Tannia Cannarsa.
Angela joined Montuno Dance Company in their early stages and has trained non-stop with his founder, Moises Gonzalez. She has felt so inspired by them that she has been representing the company locally and internationally since then.
You can find Angela on the stage performing and competing. She brings spicy and sassy energy to the stage and the dance room!

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