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Social Dancing Etiquette

At Montuno Dance Company, we're all about sharing the joy of Social Dancing. As a key part of our class curriculum, we take the time to teach our students about the ins and outs of Social Dancing Etiquette. This understanding helps create a warm and lively vibe at dance events, making sure that everyone has a fantastic experience. Here are some pointers we think are important to practice while social dancing.

Invitation and Acceptance: In many social dancing environments, including Latin dance events, it's becoming more common for follows (commonly, but not limited to women) to ask leads (commonly, but not limited to men) to dance. This shift promotes inclusion and allows for a more balanced dynamic on the dance floor.

Don't be shy to be a beginner: Don't be shy to make mistakes, everyone starts as a beginner; don't hesitate to ask more experienced dancers to dance.

Be kind: Showing kindness towards dancers of all levels, background, age and identities is a fundamental aspect of fostering a welcoming, supportive, vibrant and diverse dance community.

Hygiene and Appearance: Make sure you are well-groomed and wearing appropriate dance attire. Freshen up before the event and consider using deodorant to ensure a pleasant experience for you and your dance partner.

Skill Levels: Be aware of your skill level and the skill level of your partner. Adjust your dance style and complexity of moves accordingly. It's not appropriate to show off or attempt complex moves if your partner is not comfortable with them.

Unsolicited feedback or teaching: Leaving the teaching to the trained instructors is a respectful and considerate approach in a social dance or group class setting. While social dancing is a wonderful way to connect, have fun, and enjoy the music, it's not the place for formal teaching or complex instruction. Attempting to teach or give unsolicited feedback on the dance floor could disrupt the flow and hinder others' enjoyment.

Respect other’s space: Always be mindful of your and others' personal space on the dance floor. Avoid stepping on or colliding with other dancers. If the dance floor is crowded, keep steps small and adjust your movements accordingly to avoid accidents.

Consent: Consent is paramount in any dance context. Both partners should feel comfortable and safe throughout the dance. If you ever feel uncomfortable or encounter inappropriate behaviour, don't hesitate to speak up or seek help from event organizers or staff.

Remember, the primary goal of Latin dance social events is to have fun, connect with others, and enjoy the music and movement. By following these etiquettes, you'll contribute to a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved.

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