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Venezuelan Culture Days 2022: "Taste of Venezuela"

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

This past Oct 22nd, we had the opportunity to share a little bit of what we love: we taught a Salsa dance lesson to our Venezuelan community and had a BLAST!!

Fun fact: This was our first time teaching a class entirely in Spanish!

The Taste of Venezuela event was incredibly well organized, showcasing dancing and live Venezuelan music, food and local artisans.

As a proud 'Maracucho", it was a fantastic experience to enjoy live Gaitas Zulianas (Venezuelan folkloric music) by Estampida Gaitera, especially since we have been away from home for over a decade.

Other featured artists we enjoyed that evening were: Hibri2 Rock Band, Aguaquina, Alma Llanera Band and others.

It is always special to connect with your roots, customs and heritage.

Big thanks to The Venezuelan Canadian Association of Calgary (VCAC) for having us and putting together such a fun and warm event.

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