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Montuno DC launches partnership with Gateway

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

May 18, 2022 – Calgary, Canada

Montuno Dance Company is excited to announce a new partnership with Gateway! Together, Montuno and Gateway will help newcomers unleash their economic, social, and civic potential.

Montuno is Calgary’s freshest Latin dance school that specializes in Salsa (New York Style) and Bachata (Fusion). Founded by Venezuelan newcomer, Moises Gonzalez, Montuno offers classes, performance, and competitive opportunities for all ages and levels. But Montuno is more than a dance school; it is a community of like-minded individuals that empowers, supports, and brings people of all backgrounds together through the shared passion of Latin dance.

Gateway is a collaboration among organizations to better serve and support newcomers who choose to make Alberta their new home. Born out of the desire to improve the lives of newcomers in Calgary, Gateway ensures immigrants and refugees are connected to the best-fit programs and services to thrive in their new homeland.

After arriving in Canada, Moises found it difficult to create connections and find an inclusive community until he joined Calgary’s Latin dance scene.

“As an immigrant, I appreciate how Gateway is helping others new to Canada feel supported and connected while they build their new life in this beautiful Country. I am happy to be able to support others to be part of an amazing community and to feel that they belong.”

Montuno is a welcoming place where newcomers can feel safe by connecting with others, develop new skills, have fun and improve their overall health & wellness. Gateway brings together organizations that better serve and support newcomers: together, Montuno and Gateway are a great team!

Learn more about Gateway:

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