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With just over 2 years of being Montuno Dance Company, we believe we've done a great job achieving one of our goals, which is bringing a fresh take on what it means to be a latin dance school in YYC. We believe we've had an amazing year so far, and it's our turn to give back. This past September 3rd, we threw our first outdoor dance social in support of the Venezuela Relief Project "Soup of Love" lead by the Global Canadian Response.

As Venezuelans, we feel deeply connected to this project and it is an honour to add our 2 cents to help our beautiful country and its people. This opportunity has made us think further about what we do and why we do it. As such, we have come up with other ideas to keep spreading the love of dancing and helping others while doing it. New projects to be announced!

Thanks so much to those who donated whether you attended or not. Also, special thanks to Alexis Mora from La Rumba Dance Co. for being part of this small but meaningful gathering. Can't wait to show you what we have planned for next summer, so stay tuned!

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