Born in Venezuela, Lianabel has been a dancer since a very young age. She has explored various styles, including folklore, belly dance, hip hop, reggaeton and Latin.

Lianabel has been coached by world class dancers such as Canadian Salsa and Bachata champions Corinne and Victor from Montreal, and Euroson bachata champions Gerardo and Madian from Mexico. She has traveled to various congresses and festivals around the US and Canada to train in Salsa New Yourk and LA Style, Pachanga, Cha cha cha, Son, Rumba, Afro Cuban,  and traditional and sensual Bachata. She is a strong believer that cross-training is key to becoming a more well-rounded dancer.

As an instructor, one of Lianabel’s main focus is to help students develop a strong and flavourful sense of body movement. She is very friendly, detail oriented and enjoys sharing ladies’ styling techniques to elevate her student's dancing to the most confident version of themselves.

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