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Our Kids program is enriched with the vibrant essence of Latin rhythms and sprinkled with Spanish vocabulary. Our classes promise to cultivate a lively and enriching environment for your child. Our carefully structured program will cater to different age groups, ensuring a tailored experience for every kid. 

With our Montuno Kids Program, we prioritize the art of movement and the joy of learning. Our instructors are dedicated to fostering a love for dance while nurturing each kid's creativity and confidence. We aim to instill a lifelong appreciation for rhythm and culture in every young dancer through engaging activities and personalized attention.


Join us this summer and watch your child thrive in a world of music, movement, and endless possibilities!



NOTE: We required a minimum of 4 registered students to sustain the session. Early registration is highly recommended. In case a class doesn't meet the minimum registrants, a refund will be issued.



"As a Case Manager at the Centre for Newcomers, I just wanted to thank Montuno Dance Company for volunteering as teachers for our recent workshop (Kids Dance Classes). The team of teachers was amazing. Their dedication, patience, and passion greatly impacted our clients and their kids. They created such a welcoming and supportive environment that the participants felt inspired and eager to learn. The feedback from our families has been incredible. They appreciated the team's personalized attention and friendly approach, and many have expressed how much they enjoyed and benefited from the experience.


Working with Montuno Dance Company has been fantastic. Their commitment to helping and giving back is truly inspiring, and we're so grateful for the positive difference they've made in the lives of our newcomers.

Thanks again for your fantastic support. We look forward to working together on more great projects in the future!". Kateryna Zarvii

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4-Week Cycle

Consists of an 4-week cycle, 45 minutes per class and 1 weekly class of your choice.  


Consists of an 4-week cycle, 45 minutes per class and 1 weekly class of your choice.  

All prices include GST

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